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School Meal Arrangements

At Coppice, our school cafeteria provides a range of food very reasonable prices. It is also possible for students to bring sandwiches for their lunch. Free School Meals are available for those who are eligible.

Click the links below to read about our delicious menus (PDF format*):

Further information:

Free School Meals

Please see the PDFs* below for information on receiving free school meals:

If you have any queries please contact N Kumari, Strategic Business Director for further information.

Cashless Catering

Coppice uses a fingertip cashless catering technology supplied by Nationwide Retail System (NRS) for Schools.

How students are enrolled

During the enrolment process computer software captures a digital signature of your child's thumb or fingertip, which is then broken down into data points, similar to reference points on a map. NRS then store this on our own school server. No-one has access to this information and the stored data points can never be viewed as anything other than a string of numbers and letters, so please be assured this entire system is very secure.

Once enrolled, as each student enters the dining areas, they will place their thumb/finger on a fingertip scanner to make a payment for their food. No cash is taken at the counter. Details of our biometric protection policy:

Parents may alternatively give their child a cheque made payable to 'Shropshire Council' which is handed over at Student Services, or cash which is loaded into your child's account using one of the wall mounted revaluation machines which are located in each zone and the Dining Hall.

Benefits to you and your child

  • Any student on Free School Meals (more info below) is not identified as all students and staff 'pay' in the same way, with their fingertip.
  • Students are not wasting money on unhealthy foods off site.
  • Students learn how to manage an account - an important life skill.
  • It removes potential threats of bullying or theft (especially if cheques are used).
  • We can produce a report on your child's nutritional intake.
  • Lunchtime queues are cut and your child eats a good meal every day.

* To view PDF files you will need free PDF viewer software installed on your computer - see About this Website for more details.